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What is IPL?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and has gained widespread popularity for the many benefits it affords the user. This modern technology aims to remove unwanted hair, slow the aging process by reducing wrinkles and perfect the skin tone by treating blemishes. Multiple uses of IPL also increase collagen production in the skin, leaving you glowing from the inside out! Due to IPL's diverse range of uses and proven results, IPL is a must for anyone wanting to look and feel their best.


Does IPL works for all hair colours?

IPL relies on melanin in the hair absorbing the light energy, and therefore IPL is not effective on very light blonde, red, or grey colored hair.

How does IPL works? 

IPL is a form of light therapy. It emits a series of different wavelengths that scatter within the skin reaching various depths. Depending on its use, it will provide the user with the desired results - whether that be reduction of blemishes, pigment, wrinkles or hair! It is a very versatile technology.

Is IPL Safe?

There have been numerous worldwide studies that demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of IPL for hair removal. Due to this fact, it has become an extremely popular safe at home treatment. 

We always advise that you exercise caution when treating yourself as not everyone is suitable for IPL treatments.  Due to the level of melanin in the skin, some darker skin types will not be able to use IPL. The same applies if you have a recent tan. Additionally, we advise to check with your doctor first if you are taking medication that may make your skin sensitive to light.

How long will it take before I start seen resultant?

Most customers begin to notice a reduction of hair after just 3-4 treatments, with complete results after 12 treatments. However, results vary from person to person.

Does IPL hurt?

Most IPL users face some discomfort akin to a rubber band being flicked.  However, comparative to other treatments offered, IPL is much more tolerable and very popular.

Do I have to wear eye protection? 

No, it isn't necessary to wear eye protection while using our handset.  Our handsets are fitted with a sensor and will not pulse and light unless the entire window is pressed against your skin. That being said you should never try and look directly into the light as it flashes.

Does the handset comes with warranty?

Yes, our handsets come with a 12-month warranty.

Does IPL works for all skin tones? 

IPL is suitable for all but the darkest skin tones. Refer to the skin tone chart below to see whether or not IPL is suitable for you. The Set is suitable for skintones as dark as clay 2-3. If you have a skin tone of either clay 2-3 we do advise to only use up to Intensity level 3 and start by testing on Intensity level 1.


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