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About Us


iLG Store is an United Kingdom based company whose mission is to help people like you achieve their health and wellness skin goals. 

I Vanusa, started the business from my home in Manchester. 

This Brand was created to bring you access to clinic high quality product without expending fortune every month in clinics. We all know the shyness sooner or later kicks in and we just wish we could have the treatment from the comfort of our home.

Empowering ordinary people through functional beauty innovations.”

 I always excluded myself from classmates, friends and family pictures or videos due to insecurities, today I have with me the disappointment that I have no photos nor videos of my best memories. After suffering from severe acne for over 15 years, being acne free and having a clear skin now seems a dream come true.

"But... I wish I had someone to remind me how beautiful I was regardless how many scars and pimples I had." 


So... I have created this brand for self-care and a Facebook Private Group where we will focus on cultivating a community in which people can lean on each other for advice about breakouts, breakout-related things, skincare routines, natural skincare recipes, tips, self-love and so much more.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” – Coco Chanel

A clear and healthy skin takes time and constancy. When you have a army of support and motivation behind you, easier it will be to achieve the results you dream of. Take the first the fist step today and join in this beautiful family! 

Be part of our community of real people, sharing real life experience while uplifting each other. 


Let me help you achieve your dreamy smooth skin.



Vanusa S.J


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