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iLG Handset

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iLG Handset- Hair Permanent Removal 

Believed or not, you are on your way to freedom and painless hair removal for life. Yes for life, our iLG Handset last up to 12 years, without a need for changes of lenses.  


1st- Step 

Shave 24h prior the session. 

2nd- Step

Plug in the iLG Handset, a white light should flash on at the back of the handset, press the button for 3 seconds to switch it On. 

3rd- Step

Now that the Handset is On, you can control the flash lights intensity settings by pressing the white button until you reach your desire level. Please check the User Manual to see which level is the recommended for your skin tone and hair pigmentation. 

4rd- Step

Now, go ahead and press the Handset against your freshly shaved skin area. Make sure you flash the same area at least twice for faster results. The Handset wont flash until it is press up against your skin. 

5ft Step- 

🧴Moisturise your skin with your favourite body lotion. 

Make sure you record your journey with pictures so you can record your progress. 😉😉


1- Convenient Flash Modes - Shave ANY Body Part. The single flash mode is perfect for harder to reach, smaller, more delicate areas. Perfect for removing hair from the lip, armpit, bikini or chin. The continuous flash will save you time on those larger areas, such as your legs, thighs, arms, chest and back. Simply click once for a single flash, or hold the button down for a continuous flash.
2– You don’t need protective glasses, as the flashlights are less aggressive to the eye in comparison to the ones used in clinics. 

3- Is a painless process, results can be seen as soon as after 3 sessions. 

4- Stops pimples and skin irritations, which will allow your skin to achieve the smoothest you always been dreaming of. 
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